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LeBron James’ Lobos 1707 Beats Michael Jordan’s Cincoro In World Spirits Tequila Competition

LeBron James is known worldwide for several reasons, primarily because he is widely considered the greatest NBA player of his generation. The King has dominated in the league for nearly 20 years and made a legitimate case for himself to be considered the greatest of all time, but for most fans of the league, that title still belongs to Michael Jordan. 

And while he may still have some way to go before he can catch up with MJ on the court, LeBron is already fast closing in on Jordan’s legacy off of it. LBJ recently became a billionaire according to Forbes, reaching the landmark while still playing at an elite level in the league. This is thanks to his many businesses and endorsement deals, which he has worked incredibly hard to develop. 

One of those businesses, and one that James often promotes, is his Lobos 1707 tequila. This is another area where he is directly competing with Jordan, who has his brand called Cincoro. And both brands were recently competing against one another in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, with the results being revealed on Monday. 

The competitive MJ has seen his brand of tequila be beaten by LeBron’s in the competition, something that is sure to sting the GOAT considering how competitive he is. This is another victory for LeBron, who continues to grow in the world of business as he continues towards his goal of owning an NBA franchise. 

While he may be able to smile about this particular win, LBJ will be hungry to try and surpass Jordan on the court as well. While some fans will argue that this will never be possible considering how many Finals losses are a part of his career, James knows that if he can win a couple more championships, the narrative might end up swinging in his favor. 

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