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The Lakers simply have to find a way to trade Russell Westbrook

Over the last two offseasons, the Lakers somehow went from a championship-caliber roster with financial flexibility and trade assets to spend to a 33-win team with, if you believe recent reports, no real avenues to improve the team. What’s even crazier is that the people who’ve overseen that disaster haven’t faced any real repercussions.

Shocking as this might be, those same folks are about to make another one, with reports surfacing and being echoed that somehow, the Lakers are prepared to bring Russell Westbrook back for another season.

Yes. The Lakers tore down a potential dynasty but are won’t make any real changes to the quite possibly (maybe inarguably) the least popular Lakers team in franchise history. This is what is on the line as the Lakers weigh their options in moving Russell Westbrook, who opted into his player option worth $47 million Tuesday afternoon.

You simply cannot have spent have a season last year pointing fingers at anyone remotely responsible for trading Westbrook, watch him take a blowtorch to the organization in his own exit interview, and expect fans to forget all of that. Sure, fans can talk themselves into almost anything, but even a goldfish would have trouble not remembering the tire fire that was last season.

The Lakers owe it to fans, LeBron James, and, honestly, the sport of basketball to invest whatever they can to close out James’ prime with something more promising than whatever it was they subjected everyone to a season ago.

So, on the verge of some of the busiest days of the NBA year, I welcomed Harrison Faigen and Aaron Larsuel on a special Triangle episode of the Hook. There was discussion, fireworks, new clips, and Harrison laughing at Aaron and I yelling at each other.

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