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Scotty Pippen Jr. Says His Father Faked Injuries Anytime They Played 1-On-1: “I Used To Beat Him, And He’d Fake Injuries… So We Stopped Playing A While Ago.”

Scotty Pippen Jr. recently secured an NBA contract with the Los Angeles Lakers after going undrafted last Thursday. The young prospect will have the chance to develop his game with one of the franchises that can take him to the next level, meaning he could have a chance to showcase his talents in the league sooner or later. 

He knows his father had to work hard to become a pro, but after that, he evolved so much that ended up one of the best two-way players in the history of the game, as well as the best sidekick ever. The journey has just begun for Scotty and he has all the support from his father. 

The six-time NBA champion must have taught him well, and Scotty took advantage of that. Of course, like every father-son duo in the league, they spent a lot of time playing against each other, and recently, the Vanderbilt product revealed that his pops faked a lot of injuries when they went at it. 

During the early days of the infamous covid-19 pandemic, the Pippens spent a lot of time at home, where they challenged each other one-on-one. Scotty claims that he beat his old man, who started faking injuries after getting beat. 

“I was wearing him out,” Pippen Jr. said, via The Orange County Register. “I used to beat him, and he’d fake injuries and stuff. He wouldn’t give me the credit so we stopped playing a while ago.”

It seems like using questionable tactics is the key for old players against their sons. Shareef O’Neal, who also joined the Lakers this offseason, once claimed that his father Shaquille O’Neal fouled him a lot when they played pickup games. 

These two are keen to make history in LA and emulate or improve what their fathers did in the association. It’s too early to tell which one will have a more successful career, but you can see that they both are eager to make an impact on the Purple and Gold.

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