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Nick Wright Calls Out The Lakers For Being Cheap About Not Attaching Future Picks In Any Potential Russell Westbrook Trade: “It’s Like Walking Into A Restaurant And Sitting down And Being Like I’m Very Hungry, I’ll Like A Meal And I Will Not Pay.”

After a disappointing 2021-22 NBA season, it almost seemed confirmed that the Los Angeles Lakers would be trading Russell Westbrook. But so far, the franchise has failed to find any suitable place for the former NBA MVP.

Westbrook has even opted into his $47 million player option, which makes it even harder to find a new team for Brodie. To make things worse, the Purple and Gold seem to have an obsession of securing their future picks.

In any trade talks that they have around Westbrook, the Lakers have straight-up denied including any future picks in the deal. Considering the fact that Russ is on a decline, it is unlikely any team would trade for him without future picks attached to the equation.

NBA analyst Nick Wright called out the Lakers for their obsession. He used a hilarious analogy to make people understand what the franchise is trying to do as of now.

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