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The Lakers Are Currently “Negotiating” A Trade For Kyrie Irving Around Russell Westbrook, A First-Round Pick, And A Pick Swap Per NBA Insider

The NBA free agency started yesterday, but hours before it began, the NBA community was given the news that shocked it to its core. Yes, we are talking about Kevin Durant requesting a trade out of Brooklyn Nets.

After days of drama, when Kyrie Irving decided to opt into his player option, it felt like everything would go smoothly for the Brooklyn Nets. The franchise had already lost James Harden mid-season to the Philadelphia 76ers. In order to win NBA Championships, they needed the duo of KD and Kyrie to stay together.

But as it turns out, Durant has already demanded a trade. Now, the aftermath of KD’s decision is that many reports suggest Irving will also follow in the footsteps of Durant and urge the Nets to trade him.

Despite what the rumors might suggest, there is still a possibility that Durant and Irving want to play together, just not in Brooklyn. However, finding a team that can get the contracts of both the superstars won’t just appear out of thin air.

So the most viable option would be if the two were traded to different teams. For Irving, the Los Angeles Lakers are emerging as the top destination. Before Kyrie opted into his $37 million player option, the Lakers made a sign-and-trade attempt with a package centered around Russell Westbrook. The Nets quickly declined the offer.

But as per NBA insider John Gambadoro, the Lakers are once again negotiating a trade for Kyrie Irving. The franchise has seemingly learned from its mistake and is now offering Russ attached with future picks.

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