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Lakers Fans React To Rumors About Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Potentially Joining LeBron James: “This Would Be The Greatest Dynasty In NBA History”

When NBA free agency begins, it’s arguably one of the most exciting times to be an NBA fan. Teams from all around the league try their best to put together a roster that could give them a chance at winning an NBA Championship. 

Sometimes, all these efforts go in vain, but at other times, it allows fans to see some of their favorite NBA superstars team up for the same team. While seeing a new superteam form certainly gives a thrill to the fans, at times, it also gives a nod to some pretty unrealistic rumors.

One such rumor that has been going around the rumor mill is that the Los Angeles Lakers might try to trade for both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Irving has been long linked to the Lakers for a blockbuster move to the city of Angeles. On the other hand, KD has recently asked for a trade. So teams are trying their best to get their hands on the two superstars.

But as awesome as it might seem, there is little to no chance that the Lakers will get both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. For starters, the Lakers honestly barely have the assets to trade for Irving, let alone Durant.

Additionally, the only way they could obtain Durant would be if they included Anthony Davis in the deal. But it has already been reported that there is a zero chance that the Lakers want to include AD into any trade package.

Despite this being an unrealistic trade, it didn’t stop fans from dreaming about what an amazing dynasty it would be if the Lakers had LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant on the roster.

sammcd_24: “This would break the league.”

mark_palmquist: “Wtf is happening in the sports world today this is wild.”

cam.terrell: “As a lakers fan i’m not getting my hopes up.”

s_dking: “The league is horrible image bird,magic & mike on the same team in the nba‍♂️warriors got everybody shook.”

lakers.life24: “Who’s beating us then.”

yusuphysique: “The next 4 years will be lakerssss.”

stunnafrm904: “If im lakers im absolutely not doing this. Kd and kyrie large contracts.”

unceltone7: “There is zero possibility of this happening. Why even post it.”

kinseleysower38: “Absolutely stunning, mate!”

jaymamba75: “Laker fans be the most crazy optimistic ever.”

brodie.dom_a: “Yo my heart dropped for a second.”

frank_murhonyi: “Honestly if that’s the case trade AD.”

Let’s be real here. There is absolutely no chance that this trade will happen. Not after the Lakers do not want to trade Anthony Davis.

Although this trade could and most probably would break the league, this is one of those trades that we only see in video games such as NBA 2K. Unfortunately, in real life? There is no chance of this coming to reality.

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