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Kevin Love Said Kobe Bryant, Not LeBron James, Brought The Most ‘Buzz’ To NBA Games: “It Didn’t Matter If It Was A Soft Tuesday In Minnesota, Kobe’s Bringing ‘Em Out, There’s A Buzz In The City That Kobe Is There.”

As two of the greatest basketball players ever, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are more often compared to each other than any other pair in the league.

Today, and for the best 10+ years, LeBron James has ruled with an iron first, carrying out his will on the court time and time again. Between his game, his fame, and the magnitude of his brand, the guy is always under the spotlight and relishes the attention.

Kobe Bryant, meanwhile, was a very different type of player. His insane work ethic and ‘mamba mentality’ often came together to carry his team to wins. The way he played, and competed, made him world-renowned, and fans always flooded the arena to see him play.

But which of the two really brought out the best in the fans? If you ask Kevin Love, who played with LeBron James during his run in Cleveland, the answer is Kobe. In an appearance on the Gary Vee show, Love explained why:

Vee: “Who’s the one player where you’re like ‘checking in, checking in,’ you get on the court and you acually see him and it was the biggest response you’ve had — whether it was funny or an inside joke becaue you remember being at a camp or if it was Kobe and you’re like ‘f**k, this is actually Kobe.'”

Love: “Kobe, 100% Kobe. This is no disrespect to Bron because he brings them out too and there’s that energy in the gym and you get everybody’s best game. Your whole mindset shifts too when you get on a team like that. I mean, we were a superteam. We were a team that was expected to go to the Finals, have the potential to win a championship. But when I first got into the league, it didn’t matter if it was a soft Tuesday in Minnesota, Kobe’s bringing ’em out. I mean there’s a buzz in the city that Kobe is there… it’s a home game for them.”

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