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LeBron James Uses Dragon Ball Z Pic To Describe His Sons’ Incredible Potential

LeBron James keeps getting ready to face the 2022/23 NBA season where his Los Angeles Lakers will try to bounce back and compete for important things after a disappointing 2021/22 campaign. James is ready to show that he’s not done yet and neither are the Lakers, but the situation is really complex for them. 

Meanwhile, the King is spending time with his sons, hitting the gym to run some drills with Bronny and Bryce James, who are expected to carry LeBron’s legacy in the league a couple of years from now. 

The 4x NBA champion is trying to get his boys ready to face the next couple of years, and they were recently spotted taking shots up at the Los Angeles Lakers facility, showing how serious LeBron is on helping his kids fulfill their potential. 

“Simply no better feeling than doing what I love to do with who I love! Great work today Young’s,” LeBron wrote on Instagram a couple of days ago. 

That wasn’t the last big praise of James, as he shared an interesting post with his two sons, comparing the group to Dragon Ball Z characters Goten, Gohan, and Goku. If you know anything about Dragon Ball, you know this is a huge comparison, and LeBron is well aware of that. 

This is how high he is on his sons for the future, showing that they are giving their best and putting in work to make it to the pros and try to create their own legacy. Bronny is expected to join the league two years from now, perhaps sharing touches with his father. As for Bryce, is unlikely that he plays with LeBron in the association, but nothing is off the table right now. 

The James boys are know they’re capable of doing great things and that’s exactly what they’re planning to do in the future. 

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